TimePage re-think

As the TimePage evolved (see earlier article), there was little thought given to the sense of  the content.  I spent a lot of time gathering links and timeline items so there was obviously thought given to the quantity of content presented.  I tried to review and check everything so I was clearly concerned about the quality of the content.   But I really didn’t have a strong vision for the total sense of the content and how it would advance the point I wanted to make with the TimePage.

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TimePage Blog update.

The TimeLog is a blog for the TimePage website.  I thought I should mention that I am presently in the process of upgrading the TimeLog to a newer version of the blog software and working out some minor changes in organization.  The new version is essentially a fresh start and I am not going to reproduce all of the content from the old version on the new one.   For now, the old version is still functioning even though I am not adding anything to it.  The new version is called TimeLog2 and when it has been thoroughly exercised it will become the official TimePage blog.

History of the TimePage – Pt. 1

Back in the early ’90s William Strauss and Neil Howe published a book titled Generations.  I read the book and I was captivated by its ideas.   At about that same time I was getting drawn into the computer world that was exploding around me.   I built a little set of tables in a new-fangled piece of software, called a spread-sheet, that illustrated the ideas that I had read in Generations.  That little spread-sheet sat on my computer for a couple more years until, about ’96, I ran head-on into the internet.  As soon as I understood what the world wide web was all about the first thing I wanted to do was get my little spreadsheet out there so I could find out what others thought of the ideas. Continue reading History of the TimePage – Pt. 1