George Washington – New site

Occasionally I get contacted by a fellow web administrator hoping to get some help from me promoting his site or trading links, etc.  If the site seems ligit I will usually post a link somewhere in the TimePage site.  Normally it isn’t time sensitive so I tend to carry these links around for awhile and then install the links all at once as I have the time or energy.  It is the least I can do for the web community since links to my sites have been tacked to many web pages out there and that has helped me maintain my traffic, such as it is.

The other day I got one such request, but it had a bit of a time constraint on it.  The administrator is going to introduce his site specifically on February 22.  The reason for this is that his site is about George Washington and the 22nd is his birthday.  Well, I visited the site, took a look around, and I decided I should help him out if I can.  It is an important subject and he appears to have done a good job building his site.  Not a huge amount of content on it yet but what is there is high quality.  I am assuming he will continue to add content with the passage of time.  The site is called First in Peace and it is worth taking a minute to look around.

I normally won’t be using this blog for link suggestions but one of my favorite sites needs to be mentioned. I live in the Seattle area and is probably the best site for Seattle and Washington State History. It claims to be a free encyclopedia of Local History. With its huge collections of personal contributions and archival material along with their own research, it more than lives up to that claim. – Seattle History