What I am reading

Just finished The World Without Us by Alan Weisman. It was an interesting idea for a book and generally interesting to read but it seemed a little unorganized to me. The author was trying to imagine the world without people and he approached that question by looking at what people have done to their world and what will become of all of that stuff if they were suddenly gone. I will have to admit that he dug up some pretty amazing examples of human impact, some of which I had never heard of before. He seemed to jump around, however, and didn’t seem to build a general case for his point of view.

I was also hoping to get some sense of why he thought the question itself was a relevant one. Is there some reason to believe that humankind will be moving out of the picture at some point? He hinted at that reasoning but never actually dealt with it, even though there are many signs on the horizon that humanity may be pushing the boundaries on several different fronts.

I think it is worth a read but it was a little less enlightening than I had hoped.