TimePage mention

Got an email from a person on the publishing staff of Libraries Unlimited the other day to inform me that the TimePage was being mentioned in an article they were including in their March 2010 issue of School Library Monthly on generations and teaching to the generations. I was flattered, of course, and gave them permission to do so.

Yesterday they sent me a copy of the article and I must say I was pleased with the results.  They had used the TimePage as a source link for the ideas in Strauss and Howe’s generational books.  I am not sure if Strauss and Howe would be all that pleased with the connection but I have to say it made my day.  I mentioned the citation in the TimeLog blog as well.

It is always nice to get recognition for the work that you do.  Over the years the Timepage has been linked to and mentioned on the web but I am unaware of many citations in print.  The article won’t be published on the website until the print run is over.  When that happens I will post a link.  Besides the TimePage there are a lot of great links to generational sites on the web.