Hi, I’m Bill Murray. I am the owner/administrator of timepage.org.

Taking My Time is a personal blog and, although the TimePage will be a focus, I intend to explore other subjects as well.  For a start, since I am an avid family researcher, I intend to mix a lot of genealogy and family history into the blog.  Look for anything I think is interesting to show up.  If we get lucky, some of it may be interesting to you as well.

As the blog name implies, I am not in a hurry and ultimately only time will tell where I am headed.

As I mentioned above, I have decided to combine my genealogy work with the history in the TimePage.   Consequently, as I attempt to incorporate my family history into the TimePage I will be documenting the process in this blog.  See the Family Tab for details.

The picture at the top of the blog has some meaning to me.  It was taken at the approximate location of the homestead where my father was born and raised in Montana.  The buildings and artifacts in the picture are what remains of the homestead of my father’s Uncle Earl.  My Dad’s homestead was just down the road a piece.  The cousin that took me there says it probably looks pretty much the same way it did 100 years ago when it was first settled.

Update:  I have also added a Cycles Tab where I will summarize the generational ideas from the TimePage.

Update:  I have added a Calendar tab for both history and family heritage dates.

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  1. Welcome Al,
    Glad you found something of interest. Unfortunately, I haven’t done a lot of research specifically on the Caribbean Islands and therefore haven’t identified any good references relating to them. I have occasionally stumbled onto interesting Caribbean connections to mainland colonization though and I am sure every one of the islands has a great story to tell. The time period you have pinpointed was a time of great political and economic activity in the whole southern Atlantic region. I am kind of a big picture guy anyway and rarely get down to a level of detail that would involve a particular ship. What is the Amity’s story? If you want to share why don’t we take the conversation over to the “feedback” tab.

  2. Hi Bill……..first time visitor to your site and I have enjoyed your work on the American Colonial period I’m looking for information about trading companies and travel between London and St. Kitts during the mid 1600s thru eary 1700s. Can you direct me to sources or any references? I am interested in particular the vessel Amity from London to St. Kitts and on the Virgina colony about 1635
    Thanks much for any help.
    Al High

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