Index of My Genealogical Data

In keeping with my intention to incorporate my genealogy into the TimePage, I am going to begin uploading some of my family history to the site. This page will serve, at least for the time being, as an index page for that data and other related material. Eventually I hope to formally organize it and  publish it separately,  but for now this will have to do.

Bill Murray, TimePage author

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This link is to my Family Tree – Summers/Murray Family Tree and I am building my heritage picture collection on Flickr.  Note: these sites are constantly being changed and rearranged as the family story unfolds.

Family Generations is a page that correlates my family tree with the generational history in the TimePage

List of Surnames – These are a list of the surnames I have identified, so far, for I and my spouse’s direct ancestors.  The three digit code is my internal surname code.    The first digit of the surname code is a letter that identifies the primary tree; M-Murray, T-Tunison, S-Summers, L-McLaughlin.  The second and third digit identify the particular surname line within the primary tree.  Each family in the tree is uniquely identified, therefore, by this surname code and a 4th digit that is the generation ID (0-Z). If two families have the same generation ID they are the same number of generations removed from my generation (Generation 1). Each of the families are linked to their family posting in this blog when available.

Allen (SA0)
Byler (SB0)
Bowman (SB1)
Cary (SC0)
Clear (MC0)
Chandler (TC0)
Dougherty (LD0)
Hathaway (MH0)
Hills (MH1)
Hewett (TH0)
Hinman (TH1)
Hays (LH0)
Lepper (TL0)
Murray (MM0) – MM00, MM01, MM02, MM03, MM04, MM05
McLaughlin (LM0)
Marshall (LM1)
Morrill (TM0)
McDermid (SM0)
McHenry (SM1)
Nelson (MN0)
Olson (MO0)
Rottler (MR0)
Summers (SS0) – SS02, SS03, SS04, SS05
Stallard (LS0)
Sallee (MS0)
Sells (SS1)
Sullivan (MS1)
Schisem (TS0)
Spence (LS1)
Tunison (TT0)
Todd (LT0)
Wadsworth (TW0)

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