When will it end.

Another bad day in the financial markets.  It seems like all the news is bad and all the bad news is getting worse.  I am retired and so I don’t have a lot of options open as my Net Worth tumbles along with everyone else’s.  I try not to get too discouraged.  I can only  hope that I am staying ahead of the fall and that I am not losing more than my fair share.  I hope that you are finding a way to cope with the madness too.

We are truly experiencing a once in a lifetime event, I believe.  There are very few people left who remember the Great Depression (I sometimes wonder if that might not be the reason we are in this mess) and nobody that was in charge during those trying times is around to help us.  We are on our own and have nothing but history to guide us.   I don’t think anyone that is in charge today knows what is happening either, do you?   So I don’t think anyone knows when it will end.  Like anything new and difficult we will only know it has passed when we realize we are cleaning up the mess rather than still creating  it.

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