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The Far Traveler is a little bit archeology, a little bit mythology and a little bit history. It is the story of Gudrid, a female Viking resident of ancient Greenland (1000 AD) who, according to Icelandic Sagas spent a few years living in “Vinland,” which was a Viking term for North America. I am only about half way through the book and the author is just now getting to the actual adventure, so it has been a little slow so far, but the history is fascinating and I feel like it is going to get interesting from now on. I will update this post when I have finished reading it.

Completion Update: In the end this book was worth reading. The history and archeology was detailed enough to be informative, without being too dry, and the mythology brought in another element that made the study much more personal than most stories that are as distant in time as the Icelandic tales. I was ultimately left wishing for a little more depth regarding the travels to “Vinland” while at the same time being confident that the author shared everything available. With this book, an incredibly remote and fascinating time and place became a little more real.

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