Today – May 20


Today’s Memorable Events

  • May 20 1861 – North Carolina is the 12th State to secede from the Union in the lead up to the Civil War
  • 20 May 1862 – Congress passes Homestead Act

 Notable Foreign Birthday

John Stuart Mill – Leading 19th Century British political philosopher.

John Stuart Mill
John Stuart Mill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

John Stuart Mill (20 May 1806 – 8 May 1873), British philosopher, political theorist, political economist, civil servant and Member of Parliament, was an influential classical liberal thinker of the 19th century. He was an exponent of utilitarianism, an ethical theory developed by Jeremy Bentham, although his conception of it was very different from Bentham’s.

Wikipedia – The Free Encyclopedia

U. S. Contemporaries: Civil War Cycle – Transcendental Generation – Prophet (Idealist) (1792-1821)

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