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Heritage Wedding

Family of William and Lucy (Hills) Nelson

William Nelson and Lucy Hills  were married on 18 May 1891 in Iowa

William and Lucy were my great-grandparents.  They were my father’s maternal grandparents.  William was the last of my direct ancestors to immigrate to the United States.  In about 1873, when he was a small child, he immigrated from Sweden ( or possibly Denmark) with his parents.  Lucy was born in the United States but her parents had immigrated from Germany in the early 1850’s.  Her father, even though a recent immigrant, fought for the Union Army (Twenty-sixth Infantry IOWA) in the Civil War.

The photo was taken around 1911 or 12.  My grandmother, Bessie (Nelson) Murray is the young woman in the upper right of the photo.

World War Cycle – Missionary Awakening Era – Second Turning, Awakening (1886-1909)

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