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It is becoming more and more apparent, as time goes by, that we are living through a truly historic time. The politics of the recent election and the enormity of the economic and governmental crisis that we are facing, will both someday rank right up there in the top events in our country’s history, maybe even the biggest.  And that doesn’t even count the Big Three issues of energy depletion, climate change and population control that I discussed in an earlier post. We are living large my friends and I’ll bet you can feel it swirling in the air around you.

It is possible that all of the things mentioned above are related, of course, and future historians may look back and say “oh sure, that is such an obvious outcome, given the circumstances.” But that isn’t the case right now and it all seems incredibly ominous, frightening and chaotic.  One of the things that I would like to be able to do with the TimePage, in light of all of this happening, is to try and put it in a context that can help make sense of it all.  It turns out that we are indeed at a point in the cycles of history that is associated with chaos and crisis.  The authors of the book “Generations,” that the TimePage was based on, identify this time in our present social cycle as a crisis period.  They wrote a second book, in fact, called “The Fourth Turning” that speaks directly to these chaotic times.

One of my objectives in the recovery and updating of the TimePage will be to incorporate the ideas of “The Fourth Turning” more firmly into the timelines and discussions.  There are many levels to our present situation, and social cycles obviously can’t explain everything, but it could be enlightening to bring these ideas into the discussion.  It probably won’t change anything but it might shine a little light into the corners.

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