What am I doing here anyway?

Over the years I have started and discarded a few blogs and a few websites.  Today, I probably have a half dozen or so active sites that I set up for really good reasons at the time, I’m sure.  But I am getting a little bored with all of the “social” sites, and sharing blogs out there.  Therefore, I think I am going to close a few of them down and back off to just the ones in which I am actually providing content, and this one.  This site is obscure beyond reason, and it will essentially just be for me, but I want to have a single open place to call my own.

The one exception to that general plan is Twitter.  Right now, for reasons I have yet to decipher, I like Twitter.  There is a feed on the front page of this blog for my last few posts on Twitter, as well as links back to the last few posts in my TimePage blog, The TimeLog.   Those two and what I write here will pretty much cover my internet presence.

Well, here goes nothing.

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