A note regarding the “Today in History” posts.

I suppose you have noticed that I am posting a regular stream of “Today in History” posts to the site.  These posts are not really new, I have been doing this for quite a while on another blog site but recently I decided that there wasn’t any reason to publish the two streams separately so I have moved them to Taking My Time. 

The entries cover the period of time from the initial settling of the North American continent by the British to the present and they are all linked to the cyclic order of things via the TimePage timeline.    This collection of events is not intended to be all inclusive.  I am not trying to capture everything that might have happened on a given day but rather those people and events that really influenced the life and times of what was to become the History of the United States.  Also, in keeping with my intention to integrate my family’s history with the TimePage storyline,  I have started including Heritage entries to the mix.   All of these entries are being posted to Twitter and some of them are being posted to my facebook page as seems appropriate to my audience of friends. 

I also want to point out the calendar tab at the top of the page.  In there you can see all of the daily entries in a calendar format with links to the full posts.  This new tool is being populated as I go so it will take awhile for it to be complete.

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