The Big Picture

History is a funny thing. When we are living in it, it all seems so normal and commonplace. It is only when we have moved beyond it a bit that we can look back and see what was really going on.

Today is a case in point. There are potentially some huge things happening in the World today that could be as important as anything that has ever happened, to anybody, anywhere. And I am not talking about the horrific mess that our economy is in either. That is probably a related effect but it is not the problem.

The problems I am talking about are what I consider the Big Three. These three problems are really pretty intimately connected, so it is probably not fair to separate them into three pieces, but it is easier to think of them if you split them up. The Big Three are energy depletion, climate change and population. All three of them have plagued humanity in various places at various times for sure, but this is the first time in human history that they are effecting everyone, everywhere, at the same time from now on.

I am bringing this up because they are part of my world view and are going to effect what you see in the TimePage and in my other blogs. Other than my blog Petrophy which is pretty much dedicated to that subject, I do not intend to make these items the focus of the writing but I know it will be in there somewhere.   I hope that you will not be put off by this revelation.  If I am right we will all need to confront these problems in our lifetime.  Hopefully, these pages will provide a place for this discussion to progress.

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