Today – January 25

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Robert Boyle – English natural philosopher, one of the founders of modern chemisty.

Portrait of Robert Boyle
Portrait of Robert Boyle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Robert Boyle (25 January 1627 – 30 December 1691) was an Irish-born English theologian, natural philosopher, chemist, physicist, inventor, and early gentleman scientist, noted for his work in physics and chemistry. He is best known for the formulation of Boyle’s law. Although his research and personal philosophy clearly has its roots in the alchemical tradition, he is largely regarded today as the first modern chemist, and therefore one of the founders of modern chemistry. Among his works, The Sceptical Chymist is seen as a cornerstone book in the field of chemistry.

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U. S. Contemporaries: Colonial Cycle – Cavalier Generation – Nomad (Reactive) (1615-1647)

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