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Today’s Notable Birthdays

U. S. Birthday

John Winthrop –  Puritan leader of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

English: Lithograph of John Winthrop, early go...
Lithograph of John Winthrop, early governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, possibly from book published in the 19th century. Original artwork by Vandyke, engraving rendition by Jarvis Griggs Kellogg, an A. Andrews Print. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

John Winthrop (12 January 1587/8– 26 March 1649) obtained a royal charter, along with other wealthy Puritans, from King Charles for the Massachusetts Bay Company and led a group of English Puritans to the New World in 1630. He was elected the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony the year before. Between 1639 and 1648, he was voted out of the governorship and then re-elected a total of 12 times. Although Winthrop was a respected political figure, he was criticized for his obstinacy regarding the formation of a general assembly in 1634, and he clashed repeatedly with other Puritan leaders like Thomas Dudley, Rev. Peter Hobart and others.

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Pre-Colonial Cycle – Elizabethan Renaissance Era – First Turning, High (1589-1620)
Puritan Generation – Prophet (Idealist) (1584-1614)

Foreign Birthday

Edmund Burke – English political theorist who supported the American Revolution.

Edmund Burke
Edmund Burke (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Edmund Burke (12 January 1729 – 9 July 1797) was an Anglo-Irish statesman, author, orator, political theorist, and philosopher who, after relocating to Great Britain, served for many years in the British House of Commons as a member of the Whig party. He is mainly remembered for his support of the American colonies in the dispute with King George III and Britain, which led to the American Revolution, and for his strong opposition to the French Revolution.

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U. S. Contemporaries:  Revolutionary War Cycle – Liberty Generation – Nomad (Reactive) (1724-1741)

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