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As the TimePage evolved (see earlier article), there was little thought given to the sense of  the content.  I spent a lot of time gathering links and timeline items so there was obviously thought given to the quantity of content presented.  I tried to review and check everything so I was clearly concerned about the quality of the content.   But I really didn’t have a strong vision for the total sense of the content and how it would advance the point I wanted to make with the TimePage.

As time has gone by and I have failed to spend the amount of time on site maintenance required to keep the links fresh and the content sparkling it has become apparent to me that I needed to more sharply focus the examples scattered through the site down to those events and people that define the eras they are associated with.  To that end, I am developing a list of people and events that I consider most influential in their own time and beyond.  When I am done the TimePage will have fewer names, places and events but the items that are there should be significant and relevent.

So far the only evidence of my new plan is the biographies that have been loaded into the new TimeLog2 blog.  The people that I have included there are who I consider the most influential in history.   There will be further evidence showing up in the TimePage itself as time goes on.   This is a slow process so there will be some ugliness in the pages from time to time but it should work better in the end.

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