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I probably wouldn’t have read “Three Cups of Tea,” by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin, if it weren’t a bookclub selection.  It is one of those books that I had classified (from the reviews and promotions) primarily as a puff piece and a hack job for Greg Mortenson and his projects.  I was right about its purpose and it was certainly not a masterpiece of literature, but I was wrong about it worthiness.

The book was truly inspiring.  Greg Mortenson has accomplished so much in his lifetime that it makes the rest of us, no matter how hectic our life seems, seem like real slackers in comparison.   He is one of those people who let a dream get out of hand and has devoted his whole life to a worthy but seemingly impossible goal.   His timing didn’t help.  Talk about being in the right place at the wrong time, he might be the model for that one.  Building schools in Afganistan and Pakistan in the midst of the “war on terrorism” pretty much takes the medal.

I would recommend this book to anyone.  In addition to the inspirational value, it also provides a gentle perspective into the war, we in the United States, find ourselves fighting.  I believe his approach is the right one and I wish him all the luck in the world but I can’t even imagine taking his place.


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