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The Lost City of Z: An amazing book.  A true story of Loyal British subject Percy Fawcett, an explorer’s explorer in the early 20th Century, pursuing his vision of finding the remains of an advanced society in the heart of the Amazon jungle.  To no avail.   Late in life, scoffed at by his peers and with his eldest son in tow, he makes one last thrust into the interior of the Amazon forest, alas, never to be seen again.  But the story does not end.   Eighty five years later author David Grann follows in Fawcett’s footsteps and learns that Fawcett may have been right all along.  Good stuff, this.

I read that this book is being developed into a movie starring Brad Pitt.  I can’t wait.  As a true life Indiana Jones film I doubt if it will be used to enlighten the world on the latest findings in ancient South American archeology but you can never tell.  Either way it should be a fabulous romp in the forest. It would be nice to see Fawcett’s name restored to a higher level of respectability.

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