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Half Moon:  Henry Hudson and the Voyage That Redrew the Map of the New World,”  by Douglas Hunter.   This was one of those books that expanded what had been, for me, a tiny footnote in Early American History into a full blown tale of intrigue and adventure.   It is really difficult to  ignore Henry Hudson’s contributions towards the  Discovery of the New World.   His name, after all, is featured as one of North America’s most famous rivers (The Hudson River) and as one of its biggest nautical features (Canada’s Hudson Bay).  But, other than those names and a faint memory of his crew’s mutiny, with him being set adrift and lost, I didn’t really have a very good notion of what he actually did as an explorer.  Thanks to Mr. Hunter, I now know more than I probably ever wanted to about his voyages of discovery and their political setting. The author made great use of his nautical knowledge to supplement an amazing amount of research in original documents and maps. If there was a problem it was the author’s, maybe excessive, enthusiasm regarding the supporting data to the extent that I found myself occasionally struggling to keep all of the events/references straight.

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