Web Page crisis.

Last week I experienced something that all web page owners dread.  My website, timepage.org, was hacked.Â

I only noticed it because some of the formatting suddenly became garbled.  I didn’t see any new comments or activity.  When I went into the web files I saw that most of them had long bits of random spam inserted into the code.   I, being the strong logical person that I am, immediately panicked and started flailing around the web directories, trying to see if I could figure out some pattern.  It soon became apparent that it was a pretty complete graffiti attack.

Eventually I had the web people restore a backup (Thank goodness for those.) and I have been fiddling around with various permissions and file updates all week to get it back to where it was.  I think I may be OK now.  We’ll see.

The really bad part is the insecurity it has introduced into my computing life.  We had a break-in at our house many years ago and I remember how we felt violated and vulnerable for a long time.  It seems that way again.  They apparently had used a password to gain access.  My ISP thinks that they must have got the password off of my personal computer with some kind of virus/malware that I picked up.  I can’t find any such application with any of the pile of security applications I know about and have access to.   Very disturbing.  I am in the process of removing password caches from my browsers and applications and changing passwords to more secure versions.   Who knows where he got the darn things.

Computers were supposed to make thing easier, remember?  When something like this happens, all of the efficiencies you have spent all this time building up go down the toilet.  It is really getting harder and harder to have fun on these things.

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