Autumn musings

I was out yesterday and although it was a bright, sunny day, fall was definitely making itself known. The air was crisp. When the wind blew, and it did blow briskly at times, it blew right through you. It is surely that time of year and the calendar is only needed for confirmation.

Since I have retired, I have found myself driven by these seasonal changes more than before. When I was working, it wasn’t nearly as sharp edged as it is now. I was aware of the seasonal metamorphosis, but other than the short days and a lot of driving in the rain, it was happening over there somewhere. Now, as the yard goes into hibernation and the outdoors loses its charm, my whole focus moves indoors. One of the things that seems to then happen is all of my computer projects finally get more time. This blog is only one of those projects but I hope to use it to explore some of the others and hopefully you will see a little more life here in the future.

One thing you can watch is the Cycles tab on the front page. I am going to build a little summary of the generational model of social cycles that forms the basis for the TimePage web site that is my main contribution to the cyber world.  My draft is coming along but it is still too long for its main purpose.  And, of course, I am going to keep working on the Family tab.  That has to be coordinated with my family tree and other genealogical resources so it is a little more complicated.

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