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So many possibilities.

I have been thinking about what I want to do with this blog.  I have come up with a few possibilities.  All of my immediate ideas fall into the general catagory of documenting my TimePage adventures in the past, present and future.  The TimePage has a blog but I have decided to limit it to discussion of the TimePage ideas and to serve as a  supplemental repository for content related to the TimePage and the subject of History.  Therefore I am going to pursue some, and hopefully all, of the following topics in this blog.

  • History – I have wanted, for some time, to put down in writing the history of the TimePage.  It has been online for 12 years now – an eternity in internet time – and I need to document it while I can recall it.
  • Genealogy – One of my other time eaters is my Family Genealogy.  I have noticed that the generational history of the timepage is a natural fit with the generation in my Family Tree.  I have made a feeble attempt to incorporate the one into the other but a lot more needs to be done.
  • Philosophy – Just recently I made a major decision regarding the direction I want to go with the TimePage.  The TimePage is long overdue for a major overhaul and it wouldn’t be worth it if I didn’t bring something new to the table.  This philosophy begs to be organized and written down before I begin the ugliness of redoing the pages.
  • Online Direction – I think I need to think out loud a little bit about what I really want to do with my online presence.  I think I have drifted into a plan recently but, again, it needs to be fleshed out a little better.  This is where the rubber meets the road.
  • Personal – Lastly, a place to document my opinions and my uncertainty about the other things in my life.  Books are a big part of my experience and I am going to be talking about them for sure (see previous post).   Pictures are going to be shared.  I don’t know at what level yet, but they are also an important bit of my existence.  And maybe a little about movies, music and TV, but not as much.  I won’t be talking about my family, as much as I love and cherish them all.  I don’t presume to know what they would like to share with you all, so I won’t try.

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