What I am reading…with.

Well, I have stepped over a controversial threshold.  I received a Kindle for Father’s Day.  As a book reader and a technical consumer it may seem like a no brainer but it will still be a difficult commitment.  I am old enough that for most of my life information was books.  There were no options.   Then when computers came along, although it got pretty fuzzy pretty quickly, you had a choice as to where you wanted to grab your information.  I, and I think most of us really, made a choice to accept working with small bits of information on the computer but, when it came to digging into a great amount of written material, we still preferred Ol’ Gutenberg’s book.   There were electronic book programs, and even a couple of e-book reading devices, but they all had the drawback of forcing us to try reading on some form of electronic, pulsating video screen.   I stayed with books.Â

But now there is really an option.   The Kindle display is calm, clear and simple.  Easy on the eyes but still with the advantage of word search and annotation.  The book files are generally lower priced than their printed counterpart and very easy to download.  I did find some that were more expensive than I expected and, actually, I couldn’t find several books ( I think most of them were older books).  On the whole, however, there is a great selection.  A lot of books are free and, if you get your free books elsewhere, .txt and .doc files can be converted and loaded  onto the Kindle.  The new Kindle 2 even has a text to voice option.

But I haven’t made up my mind yet.  I  will have to overcome my loss of the book itself.  A proprietary digital file just can’t match up I’m afraid.  I will let you know when I have spent enough time to really know.  For now, I did buy my first book which, I think we can all agree,  is trully the nature of the beast.

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