Never Trust Anything You See on the Internet

Every once in a while you have to do a reality check when you are posting anything on the internet.  I decided it was time for such a check while reading the editorial linked below, when I realized that anyone who reads my blog should be particularly sensitive to the ideas the author (Mark Ray –  teacher/librarian) is discussing.

Much of the content I provide here is based on links to Wikipedia.  Wikipedia is a cooperative online encyclopedia.  The information found there has been contributed by thousands of members (whose motives are unknown but are generally probably respectable) and , theoretically, has stood the test of peer review.  Yet however sincere the authors might have been as they posted these many articles, these facts must be assumed to be biased and, therefore, suspect.  Hopefully, documented historical facts would be less subject to personal “interpretation” than some other types of information but, unfortunately,  they are vulnerable too.

My reality check goes something like this.  My intent, in writing this Blog and the web site to which it is attached, is not so much facts as it is perspective.  I provide a context for the historical data that I include that is somewhat different than the standard fare.  You may agree with that context or not but the historical facts are not intended to be the primary subject matter and are merely included to move the historical context along.  To that end I do try very hard to be as accurate as I can be with the historical information but I do not pretend to be able to substantiate any or all of it.  That is, of course, up to you.  I am not a scholar but rather a purposeful aggregator.  If you see something interesting anywhere in the TimePage domain, don’t use it before thoroughly checking it out yourself.  Hopefully, I have at least provided a lot of places for you to get started.

Opinion | Save the children by fighting ‘truthiness’ | Seattle Times Newspaper

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