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Columbus arrives in America

Christoper Columbus arrives in America
Christoper Columbus arrives in America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the early modern period, the voyages of Columbus initiated European exploration and colonization of the American continents, and are thus of great significance in world history. Christopher Columbus was a navigator and an admiral for Castile, a country that later founded modern Spain. He made four voyages to the Americas, with his first in 1492*, which resulted in what is widely referred to as the Discovery of America or Discovery of the Americas.  He did not actually reach the mainland until his third voyage, in 1498, when he reached South America, and the fourth voyage, when he reached Central America.

* …After 29 days out of sight of land, on October 7, 1492, the crew spotted “[i]mmense flocks of birds”, some of which his sailors trapped and determined to be “field” birds (probably Eskimo curlews and American golden plovers). Columbus changed course to follow their flight.

Land was sighted at 2 a.m. on October 12, by a sailor named Rodrigo de Triana (also known as Juan Rodriguez Bermejo) aboard La Pinta. Columbus would later assert that he had first seen the land and, thus, earned the reward of 10,000 maravedís. Columbus called the island San Salvador, in present day the Bahamas or the Turks and Caicos, although the indigenous residents had already named it Guanahani. Exactly which island in the Bahamas or Turks and Caicos this corresponds to is an unresolved topic; prime candidates are Samana Cay, Plana Cays, Grand Turk, or San Salvador Island (named San Salvador in 1925 in the belief that it was Columbus’ San Salvador).

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Heritage Birthday 

Delbert Summers was born on this day in 1900

Delbert Summers (12 Oct 1900, Oklahoma – 11 Feb 1986, California) was my Spouse’s father.  He was married, in 1922, to Hazel McLaughlin in Oklahoma.

World War Cycle – Missionary Awakening Era – Second Turning, Awakening (1886-1909)
Lost Generation – Nomad (Reactive) (1883-1900)

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