Today – September 21


Today’s Notable Birthdays

Notable Foreign Birthday

John Loudon McAdam – Father of paved roads

Deutsch: John Loudon McAdam
John Loudon McAdam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

John Loudon McAdam (21 September 1756 – 26 November 1836) was a Scottish engineer and road-builder. He invented a new process, “macadamisation“, for building roads with a smooth hard surface that would be more durable and less muddy than soil-based tracks.

Modern road construction still reflects McAdam’s influence. Of subsequent improvements, the most significant was the introduction of tar (originally coal tar) to bind the road surface’s stones together – “tarmac” (for Tar Macadam) – followed later by the use of hot-laid tarred aggregate or tar-sprayed chippings to create better road metalling. More recently, oil-based asphalt laid on reinforced concrete has become a major road surface, but its use of granite or limestone chippings still recalls McAdam’s innovation.

Wikipedia – The Free Encyclopedia

U. S. Contemporaries: Revolutionary War Cycle – Republican Generation – Hero (Civic) (1742-1766) 

Heritage Birthday

Ira Tunison was born on this day in 1850

Ira Tunison (21 Sep 1850, New Jersey – 10 Jun 1918, Minnesota) was my Great-grandfather.  He married Ruth Hewett on Jan 14, 1875 in Iowa.

Civil War Cycle – Era of Slavery Expansion – Third Turning, Unraveling (1838-1859)
Progressive Generation – Artist (Adaptive) (1843-1859)

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