I have been experimenting with a new genealogy tool call Wiki Tree.  It is a collaborative family tree system that, after guiding you through the entry of your family tree data, tries to match individuals within it to the ancestors of your fellow WikiTree users.  I have used several other family tree projects that attempt to accomplish this same objective but this is the simplest of them all to use.  Interestingly, even though it is pretty easy to use, there is still quite a bit of privacy control and so, for a change, I had little trouble following the basic procedures and producing a basic tree for my family that is just as private as I want it to be.  I am looking forward to exercising some of the more esoteric features and it should really be interesting when my tree starts intersecting with some of the other users.  If any of you have had any experience with this tool I would like to hear how it does with a full compliment of ancestors and all of the complications that entails.

I haven’t spent enough time with it to review it yet, but I will try and remember to update these comments when I have.  So I guess we will have to call this a beta review.  In the meantime I have a new genealogical toy to spend some time on.



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