A new…hopefully fresh…look for TMT.

Well I just worked around one of those crises that shouldn’t happen but often does in the computer world.  When I upgraded my iphone to ios6 I noticed that my blog was suddenly showing up about half blacked out.  After going through a few hoops to try and figure what to do about it I decided the old, third-party WordPress theme I was using wasn’t going to work and probably wouldn’t get fixed.

So I have had to go looking for a new theme that I could use without too much hassle.  The one I settled on, and the one you are looking at right now, is a standard WordPress theme so hopefully it will be updated a little more regularly and I shouldn’t have to scrounge for fixes.  I used a picture that I took when I visited my father’s old stomping grounds in Montana a while ago.  It means a lot to me, so that was kind of a payback for my trouble I guess.

The display on the mobile devices is still not what I would like.  The right column is shown below the posts.  But everything is readable and that will have to do for now. Let me know if you see anything screwy or if you don’t like the way it looks.