Grappling with the undertow of the internet.

I have been running this blog for a few years now and I am sure my experiences have not been substantially different than anyone who tries to keep a website running on a rented web server without any serious web administration training or experience.  Much of what happens in the background of this site is black magic to me and when something goes wrong, too often I am afraid, it is presumed to be my fault and no matter how hard I work to remedy it, I usually end up calling in to the web provider and begging for a hand.  Once they have bailed me out, I vow to get on top of it a little more and then almost immediately assume everything will be fine.

Which brings me to my latest bag of worms.  There are a bunch of people out there that are spending all of their waking hours, with bots probably all of their hours, trying to get into everyone’s websites.  If you have a common format, such as wordpress, these electronic banditos concentrate their efforts on you because, statistically, there are more of you that might screw up and leave the door open.  If you are one whose door is closed, even locked and bolted…twice, you may not get invaded but you still will have these idiots beating at your door.   Often with the aid of thousands of commandeered computers that don’t even know they are helping.  As a result the web provider might have to raise the drawbridge to shut down access to your site.  Frustrating to say the least and maddening along with it.

This has been effecting me for awhile now and I haven’t yet come up with a solution that I like.  If you are registered with the site and find yourself locked out periodically please don’t  give up.  It is usually temporary and hopefully will go away before long.  I am working on a couple of things and will continue to do so but it all boils down to my basic lack of experience in these matters.  In the meantime you should be able to get into the site OK, just won’t be able to log in as a registered user.  The only good that might come of this is to let me see if the comment spam goes down at all.

Thanks for your patience.

TimePage mention

Got an email from a person on the publishing staff of Libraries Unlimited the other day to inform me that the TimePage was being mentioned in an article they were including in their March 2010 issue of School Library Monthly on generations and teaching to the generations. I was flattered, of course, and gave them permission to do so.

Yesterday they sent me a copy of the article and I must say I was pleased with the results.  They had used the TimePage as a source link for the ideas in Strauss and Howe’s generational books.  I am not sure if Strauss and Howe would be all that pleased with the connection but I have to say it made my day.  I mentioned the citation in the TimeLog blog as well.

It is always nice to get recognition for the work that you do.  Over the years the Timepage has been linked to and mentioned on the web but I am unaware of many citations in print.  The article won’t be published on the website until the print run is over.  When that happens I will post a link.  Besides the TimePage there are a lot of great links to generational sites on the web.

Making progress on the TimePage facelift

I have been working on the TimePage timelines a bit lately.  The pages were of several different vintages and states of repair.  I have now reduced all of the pages ( five cycle pages and 20 era timelines) to a common format.  The data itself is still a bit ramshackle while I move it around and the links are still in deplorable shape but it is a start at least. 

As part of the TimePage upgrade I am also gradually synchronizing the timeline entries with the “Today in History” entries in the TimeLog and adding some family genealogy to the page.  Just for fun, I also have added a “All Generational Baseball Team” entry to the timelines.  All of this is being added slowly over time but hopefully will be a little more fun when it is finally in place.

Weird Characters

If you look through my previous posts you will notice a lot of extraneous characters scattered about haphazardly. This happened after my website was hacked. I first thought it might be a further hack but it turns out it is a result of my site having been moved to a newer server, with theoretically greater security, after the hack was corrected. I think it is a problem with the character set on the old server databases vs. the new one.

I will be looking into fixing the problem if it continues, but if it disappears from now on I will probably just ignore the old posts. They are readable.

Getting back on board

I have been a little distracted lately. My daughter, and youngest child, got married last weekend and although it has been a wonderful time, with visiting relatives and all of the festivities, it will be good to get back to the humdrum of everyday life. Hopefully you will see a little more activitity here in the future.

TimeLog2 progress.

I have not had any big problems with TimeLog2 recently, and I have added just about all of the features that I will be using for now, so I am going to call the new page stable. In keeping with the new philosophy (see earlier post), I am only loading bios from my “most important” list in the Today-in-History pages. As time goes on, I will be doing the same with events. Eventually, I will sync up these entries with the data in the TimePage itself so that the two data sets will be compatible.

I am going to leave the old TimeLog on line so that there is a path for any of the old followers that may have missed the transition. This will also allow me to make a clean break since the old content can be accessed if need be.

TimePage Blog update.

The TimeLog is a blog for the TimePage website.  I thought I should mention that I am presently in the process of upgrading the TimeLog to a newer version of the blog software and working out some minor changes in organization.  The new version is essentially a fresh start and I am not going to reproduce all of the content from the old version on the new one.   For now, the old version is still functioning even though I am not adding anything to it.  The new version is called TimeLog2 and when it has been thoroughly exercised it will become the official TimePage blog.