Never Trust Anything You See on the Internet

Every once in a while you have to do a reality check when you are posting anything on the internet.  I decided it was time for such a check while reading the editorial linked below, when I realized that anyone who reads my blog should be particularly sensitive to the ideas the author (Mark Ray –  teacher/librarian) is discussing.

Much of the content I provide here is based on links to Wikipedia.  Wikipedia is a cooperative online encyclopedia.  The information found there has been contributed by thousands of members (whose motives are unknown but are generally probably respectable) and , theoretically, has stood the test of peer review.  Yet however sincere the authors might have been as they posted these many articles, these facts must be assumed to be biased and, therefore, suspect.  Hopefully, documented historical facts would be less subject to personal “interpretation” than some other types of information but, unfortunately,  they are vulnerable too.

My reality check goes something like this.  My intent, in writing this Blog and the web site to which it is attached, is not so much facts as it is perspective.  I provide a context for the historical data that I include that is somewhat different than the standard fare.  You may agree with that context or not but the historical facts are not intended to be the primary subject matter and are merely included to move the historical context along.  To that end I do try very hard to be as accurate as I can be with the historical information but I do not pretend to be able to substantiate any or all of it.  That is, of course, up to you.  I am not a scholar but rather a purposeful aggregator.  If you see something interesting anywhere in the TimePage domain, don’t use it before thoroughly checking it out yourself.  Hopefully, I have at least provided a lot of places for you to get started.

Opinion | Save the children by fighting ‘truthiness’ | Seattle Times Newspaper

AIG – Symbol of a lost age

We were all flying high there for awhile.  Many of us took the easy money and ran, fearing deep down in the back of our mind, even while not fully understanding why,  that it couldn’t last.   Big banks and financial firms took the money and ran too, but they should have, and probably did, understood what was going on as they did it.  It was too good to pass up, though.  Then, by the time we began to run into problems keeping it all working, it was too late.  We were heading down the mountain with no brakes or horn.   We should have known.   It has happened before. Continue reading AIG – Symbol of a lost age

We should have seen it coming.

My website, The TimePage, is about social cycles in history.  It is an interesting idea and many people have used these, and other, cyclic ideas to try and predict what will happen in the future based on what we have seen happen in the past.  That is one way to look at cycles in history.  There is a bigger and better lesson to be drawn from the study of these cycles though.  A lesson that is maybe not as mathematically precise as we would like but a lesson that is almost impossible to avoid if you look at history with open eyes.  What I take from my observations of patterns and repetitive events in history is this.  Things are not linear.   Things change and sometimes even repeat.  Things go up…and, almost without fail, they then go down.  If you are going to stay on top of things you must plan for these possible variations. Continue reading We should have seen it coming.

When will it end.

Another bad day in the financial markets.  It seems like all the news is bad and all the bad news is getting worse.  I am retired and so I don’t have a lot of options open as my Net Worth tumbles along with everyone else’s.  I try not to get too discouraged.  I can only  hope that I am staying ahead of the fall and that I am not losing more than my fair share.  I hope that you are finding a way to cope with the madness too.

We are truly experiencing a once in a lifetime event, I believe.  There are very few people left who remember the Great Depression (I sometimes wonder if that might not be the reason we are in this mess) and nobody that was in charge during those trying times is around to help us.  We are on our own and have nothing but history to guide us.   I don’t think anyone that is in charge today knows what is happening either, do you?   So I don’t think anyone knows when it will end.  Like anything new and difficult we will only know it has passed when we realize we are cleaning up the mess rather than still creating  it.

The Big Picture

History is a funny thing. When we are living in it, it all seems so normal and commonplace. It is only when we have moved beyond it a bit that we can look back and see what was really going on.

Today is a case in point. There are potentially some huge things happening in the World today that could be as important as anything that has ever happened, to anybody, anywhere. And I am not talking about the horrific mess that our economy is in either. That is probably a related effect but it is not the problem.

The problems I am talking about are what I consider the Big Three. These three problems are really pretty intimately connected, so it is probably not fair to separate them into three pieces, but it is easier to think of them if you split them up. The Big Three are energy depletion, climate change and population. All three of them have plagued humanity in various places at various times for sure, but this is the first time in human history that they are effecting everyone, everywhere, at the same time from now on.

I am bringing this up because they are part of my world view and are going to effect what you see in the TimePage and in my other blogs. Other than my blog Petrophy which is pretty much dedicated to that subject, I do not intend to make these items the focus of the writing but I know it will be in there somewhere.   I hope that you will not be put off by this revelation.  If I am right we will all need to confront these problems in our lifetime.  Hopefully, these pages will provide a place for this discussion to progress.